Providing Professional Dog Training in the Bay Area for Over 30 Years. (THAT'S HUMAN YEARS)
Serving Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco Counties.
Serving Alameda County and
Contra Costa County.
Gary Maria



"Iíll teach you the skills to improve your relationship with your dog and to ensure your dog is a loved member of your family."
- Gary

Gary Maria is one of the most sought after and experienced dog behavior specialists in the Bay Area and is recognized as an expert in the field. Since 1977 Gary has improved the behavior of thousands of dogs using his combination of proven techniques.

Having trained thousands of dogs, Gary’s system of dog-friendly training techniques allows your dog to learn using its instinctual pack mentality. This results in a positive and immediate change in negative behaviors and a more rewarding relationship between you and your dog.

Find out why working directly with Gary in your home is superior to any other training method. There is no substitution for an extensively experienced, professional trainer who offers lifetime training support.